When You Are At The Cottage & The Corkscrew Is Not…

It’s happened to the best of us. Everything is in place for the cottage guests that you have been eagerly awaiting. You perused the LCBO Vintages section and chose a palette pleasing bottle of red which you are just about to unleash because the beef tenderloins topped with fine Gorgonzola are near medium-rare perfection and – “WHERE’S THE CORKSCREW?!?!”. Nowhere to be found on your boat access island? Fear no more – take a look here for the great tips that Epicurious has provided! We especially love #8. And by the way, you are on your own at this point – please handle sharp objects carefully when opening your wine.

Don’t forget to check the how to open a bottle of wine with flip flops link, because it is ultimately going to be your saving grace.

Enjoy your red (and don’t forget to allot time for aeration).